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"-I just love smelling you" ♥

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Pixel Portrait of Ian in the damn neighbors outfit.

This took me 8 hours. All this detail was just killing me omg xD

But I’m finally done.

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pictures of anthony that you /may/ have not seen :0)

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Ian is Bored Challenge: One gifset per episode - Ep. 44: MY EMBARRASSING YEARBOOK!

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the replies on anthony’s tweet honestly make me want to cry. they instantly jump to the conclusion that all of us are ‘crazy 12 year old fangirls’ and have no respect for anthony, kalel, ian and melanie. i know that there are some people on here who truly believe they’re gay, and the stuff they were posting was absolutely ridiculous, so i unfollowed them. but going as far as some of the people in this fandom is unbelievable. i follow around 80 smosh related blogs, and i know for a fact that they don’t post the 12 year old fangirl crap and think ian and anthony are actually gay. 
for their sake, can any of you who are constantly bugging ian and anthony about being gay, stop. and for those of you who are bugging kalel and melanie and telling them things like. ‘you know they’re gay together. he doesnt like you’, stop. respect their relationships and maybe the people who don’t see how the entire fandom acts will respect us. 
at the end of the day, you put a hole in the ship, and we’re all sinking.

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oH MAN so i reached 1000 followers (how did that happen) and so i’m doing a little giveaway for that

so what do you get the chance to win? well you know that smosh store, yeah i’ll be giving away two (2) t-shirts of your choice!

so here are the rules:

  • mbf me, because duh it’s for my followers (i will be checking)
  • please only reblog once
  • likes also count
  • will ship anywhere
  • please no giveaway blogs
  • ends april 16th, 2014 12:00 am cst
  • winner will be chosen at random
  • you must be comfortable with giving out your address

when the giveaway ends i will contact the winner through a message, SO KEEP YOUR INBOX OPEN. if the winner does not get back to me within 48 hours then i will pick a new winner.

if you have any questions feel free to message me. i think that’s it so yeah. THANKS AGAIN!


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